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      Welcome to Tongxiang Fengda Textiles Co.,Ltd.!

      About us

      Tongxiang Fengda Textiles Co.,Ltd.  was established in April 2004; located in the Tudian Township Industrial Development Park of Tongxiang City in Zhejiang Province, we enjoy good location and convenient transportation for we are very close to the Tudian exit of Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway. Covering an area of over 18,000 square meters, we are receiving high reputation in this trade for bright and spacious production plants, advanced production equipment and exquisite production technologies.

      As a specialized manufacturing, processing and sales enterprise, we are mainly engaged in the production and trade of all kinds of Warp knitting/Weft knitting textile fabrics, Sofa fabrics, Garment fabrics and composite processing as well as washing treatment. Equipped with flame composite, oil glue, water glue, Hot-melt adhesive composite, washing, embossing, printing, Gilding equipment and related production lines, we annually can process and produce 10 million meters of Sofa fabrics and Garment fabrics.

      At present, our main products include all kinds of Sofa fabrics (elephant pattern, Snow velvet, Cloud velvet, Small cat's eye, Cation straight stripe, all kinds of Suede naps) and Garment fabrics (Air layer, various types of Suede nap composite artificial furs); now, our Sofa fabrics are mainly exported to the United States and the United Kingdom; and our Garment fabrics are well sold in Japan, Russia and Ukraine.

      Since our foundation, we have been taking "winning by quality, being honesty-oriented" as business philosophy. We sincerely welcome customers and friends all over the world to visit and have business with us!

      Copyright(C)2015,Tongxiang Fengda Textiles Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 
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